Teach Your Kids To Love Learning

Teach Your Kids To Love Learning

Education is so often put into a box, or a room with 4 walls, or a textbook. Learning, however, cannot be stopped. I love the curiosity of young children and their amazing ability to see and be awed by the little things, an ant, a worm, a deer track in the mud. Children are not encumbered by time, and when I remember that and take a moment to join them in their discovery I find their curiosity and joy infectious. I have learned to appreciate this interruption of my day.


“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”

-Benjamin Franklin


My daughter and I worked hard all last year on spelling. She was a beginning reader and it was difficult for her. The program I was using was new to me and was difficult for me to simplify to my liking. It started off a bit rocky, but we got through it ok and by the end of the year I think we both felt pretty good about what we had learned. Then summer came and we forgot about school and spent most of our days at the lake.


So far this year we haven’t opened a spelling book (mostly because I forgot to purchase one for her, it happens), but all of a sudden she has discovered that if she spells things it’s like a secret code. She can tell mom things that her younger siblings can’t understand. All of a sudden spelling is really fun! Now she goes through her days spelling everything she can think of, from cat to Thanksgiving. She gets a lot of it wrong and asks for frequent help, but she’s loving every minute of it. She can’t wait to learn how to spell everything under the sun. Helping her decode words all day long, it’s just another one of those welcome interruptions, and we are both loving it.

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