So, you didn’t vaccinate your kids. Now What?

So, you didn’t vaccinate your kids. Now What?



So…you live in California and you chose not to give your kids vaccinations. You are one of the many conscientious adults who is choosing to do their own research and not just go with the flow of modern medicine. And now you’re sitting there with your head in your hands wondering what you are going to do with your kindergartener this coming fall. You feel hit by a truck, you didn’t see this one coming. What do you do now? You are not alone.

I chat with several families every day who are facing this same dilemma. It’s tough. Many families planning on public education for their children, are now wondering how they are going to educate their children and make a living at the same time. The new California vaccination law goes into effect this fall 2016. These families have chosen for whatever personal reasons not to vaccinate. Now the state government is telling them that they cannot participate in the schools for which their tax dollars pay. Without delving into the politics or religion or vaccines…don’t stress. There are many ways to get an education outside of the public system.

Here are just a few alternative ways to educate your children: 

  • Homeschool – You are the private tutor, you decide what it costs, when, where, why and how to educate. Complete freedom.
  • Private School – Pricey and only in select locations. Check your local area.
  • A Private Tutor – Pricey but convenient.
  • Independent Home Study Charter School Education – Basically independent study with a little accountability. (The link is California specific)
  • Online Academies – Independent study in front of a computer. Many, many options out there for virtual academies.
If you want my personal advice, I would suggest you start with homeschooling and branch out from there. Give it two years. It takes that long for your kids and you to adjust and find a new rhythm for their education.

Do it afraid. Sure, it will be hard at first. Everything new is hard. If you are taking your kids out of high school or pre-school, you will undoubtedly go through a period of deschooling. But in the end, I think you will find the freedom and happiness of being in charge of your childrens’ education very fulfilling. I know I certainly do.

And, just for fun..

.3 Heads
Many brilliant minds were home-educated by their parents. Here are just a few examples you might know: John Adams, Susan B. Anthony, Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson, J.R.R. Tolkien, Daniel Webster.

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