If You’re Scared To Homeschool Your Kids…

If You’re Scared To Homeschool Your Kids…

If you have just begun to consider the idea of teaching your children at home, you may be wondering what that even looks like.

Are you having bad dreams of chalkboards, desks and teaching your child for eight hours a day?

Phew! That sounds intimidating and exhausting, and just about impossible in a home setting, especially if you have multiple children.

Let me ease your mind a bit.

Teaching your kids at home looks a whole lot more like a one-room schoolhouse and a lot less like a classroom. What I mean by that is, when you teach your kid(s) at home there is so much less to manage; just your own kids.

You can choose how you want to teach and what time works best for your family.

You can adjust to your child’s attention span and create the environment in which your child learns most easily.

We often opt for the out-of-doors because it contains fewer distractions and reminds us to jump up and stretch our legs often!

One Room Schoolhouse Photo Credit Todd Petrie (CC)
Photo Credit Todd Petrie (CC)

As far as teaching goes, it will depend somewhat on your own personal style and also on your child’s, but generally, you’ll only be overseeing their learning, not lecture-style teaching.

The more independent work your student can accomplish the better.

One of your goals in home education should be to create lifelong independent learners who are equipped with the abilities to teach themselves anything they want to know.

This style of teaching and learning will take a bit of mindset adjustment if you are coming from a traditional school setting. However, I think after a bit you and your child will find it very freeing.

If you are teaching multiple children at home, I suggest you consider taking some tips from the one-room schoolhouse. While you work with one child, have your other children help each other with their work.

Teach to the oldest child and let the younger ones learn along with you. They’ll be leaps and bounds ahead without you having put in any extra effort.

 “We have all the advantages of the small student-teacher ratio, much better discipline than in most classrooms, far less busy work, a wide choice of good text materials and above all a deep bond of love with our children.”
~Rick Boyer


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