How to Get Your Homeschool Morning Off to a Great Start – Self-Care

How to Get Your Homeschool Morning Off to a Great Start – Self-Care

It is so easy to get stuck in the dailiness of life…

and to just go through the motions without stopping to take care of yourself. As a homeschooling mom (or dad), self-care is incredibly important and not something to take lightly.

Busyness will always be there, the cooking, schooling, working, and the never-ending laundry won’t go away. But taking a few moments of time to do something that feeds your soul, that is living.


I am a morning person.

I like my mornings to myself. Mornings are my re-charge time. The time when I can do things I enjoy and remember that I am an important person beyond my roles as wife, mom and teacher.

I do things during my mornings that I enjoy like or just sitting with a cup of coffee and enjoying the silence and the sunrise.

What I don’t do is work, think about dinner, plan, look at my computer, or turn on my phone. These things completely derail my morning time and draw me away from my soul time.

They draw me into other people’s worlds and it’s very hard to get back. These morning hours are to ground me, to remind me to breathe deeply, live fully, and love my life.


Self-care looks different in varying seasons of life as a mom.

When I had 3 toddlers underfoot I wasn’t getting much sleep and had a much more difficult time getting up early enough to find time to myself.

So, I did my best to train my kids that before 7 was Mama’s time and they needed to quietly entertain themselves for a bit until Mama was ready to start the day. I’ve always had  a few early risers; I guess they take after me. Usually, this looked like giving them each a banana and setting them up with a few toys and some soft music to play at my feet.

Sometimes it worked, sometimes not so much, but what was important was that I was showing them that I was important. Now that my kids are a bit older and I only have one toddler, I find my mornings growing much longer and myself stronger for it.



In my quest to raise my kids I am not simply teaching them head knowledge, I am sharing with them a way of life. I am modeling a lifestyle that I want them to emulate. I want them to know how to take care of themselves as adults in all areas of their lives.

How to find quiet space to re-charge whatever their life circumstances may be. I want them to look back and think about how their mom wanted so deeply to be a great mom, that she took the time to care for herself, body, mind, and soul.

It is important to me that my children learn patience and respect as they allow me to have time alone. I don’t want to just stop whatever I am doing the moment they wake up and allow them to interrupt me because then they won’t have the opportunity to see me adulting.

They need to watch me do things for myself so that they can find value in it for themselves. Kids are experts at taking all of your time for themselves, it doesn’t matter if you have 1 child or 10, they take it all, unless you teach them otherwise.

Remind them gently that when you get your alone time, life at home will be much happier. And when they are adults they will love you for it!


How do you create time in your day to care for yourself, fill your soul and recharge?

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