How To Begin Homeschooling

How To Begin Homeschooling

Are you ready to start homeschooling your child? Are you looking for a change or just wanting the best education for your children?

Let me help you get started with these 4 easy steps.


Step 1 – Know Your State’s Laws

It is important to know what your local laws require of you in your individual state. These laws can vary greatly from state to state, so do check with your local governing body to find out what is required.

Do not be intimidated by this step. It should be as simple as a check of their website or a quick phone call. Homeschooling is so widespread today that the information will be readily available to you.


Step 2 – Find a Curriculum


If you are just beginning schooling, start slowly. Think about why you are homeschooling and what type of results you want in the end.

You are not a school and you do not need to educate your children in the same way a school does. You can educate them any way or style you please just so long as you are meeting the required standards by the end of the year.

Enjoy yourself! This will help your children enjoy themselves and learning will be much smoother.

For those of you taking your children out of school, give yourselves time to adjust and “deschool”. You may need to take the school out of your child and help them to love learning again.

Start researching. 

Researching homeschooling curriculum can be a great place for gathering ideas and inspiration, however, it is often quite overwhelming. There are thousands of curriculums to choose from.

My best advice is to start by choosing a free curriculum in the beginning as you are getting to know what suits you and your child. Once you have a good understanding of each other, and your educational preferences, picking a curriculum will get easier.

Don’t spend too much time on this step. Just go with something and get started.


Step 3 – Make a Plan

Get familiar with your curriculum and take a look at your day-to-day activities. From here you can begin creating a plan for your school day.

A good rule of thumb I like to use to keep myself from over-scheduling, is to plan to school 1-hour per grade level. 


Step 4 – Create a Learning Space


Create a space where both you and your child can learn and enjoy yourselves.

This can be anywhere you like and it certainly does not need to look like a classroom.

Just a place to focus and learn. We love to school outdoors on nice days.

I find that the learning environment is as important for my own sanity as it is for the children’s learning experience. 


What has been most helpful to you as you begin your homeschooling journey? 

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