Don’t be a Chicken! How to Dance and Sing Your Days Away.

Don’t be a Chicken! How to Dance and Sing Your Days Away.

“I want to encourage you to sing – especially to your children. Singing is one of the best ways to help form your children’s nature and enhance their education.”  -Carol Reynolds

Sing & Dance

Singing and dancing are wonderful ways to learn. They are lifelong skills and something that can be done anywhere and anytime. When we put something to song we usually remember it for the rest of our lives.

Singing and dancing engage the whole body and mind. They allow for release of energy, calm the mind, and help children to overcome bodily shyness.

They also bring joy!  The more you dance and sing the more likely you are to laugh and smile too!

Singing and dancing all too often stop in pre-school. Especially in our heavily academic modern school culture. While they don’t fit into any of the school “subjects” exactly, singing and dancing add a HUGE happiness factor.

This Spring I randomly picked up a dancing CD for kids, and I taught my kids the Chicken Dance just for fun. I had no idea how much they would love it.  It was pretty hilarious. They begged for it every day for weeks. I finally started counting it as PE because we were all sweating and laughing so hard by the end of the song. 

Break up your day and have some fun by singing and dancing together!


How to sing and dance more – even on school days!

Incorporate singing and dancing with what you are already studying.

You can sing your geography with

Skip count your . There are lots of ideas on YouTube for this. Or make up your own to nursery songs.

Dance for PE. It’s a great workout. There are tons of ideas on YouTube for this too. One of our favorites is Just Dance Kids. Or get a Wii Dance Kids game.  The library is another excellent resource for songs to dance to as well.

Read a , and then make up a history sentence to remember the important points that you read about. Then encourage your kids to put that sentence to song or dance. They’ll remember it for a long time.

If any of your kids are musical, encourage them to learn a that you can all sing and/or dance to and you can kill two birds with one stone. Music practice and PE together.

Singing is also an amazing way to involve the younger kids with your older children’s learning. My 4-year-old loves to sing songs about the planets, and the phases of the moon, and science facts. She doesn’t know how much she’s learning, she just loves to sing with us.

Rapping is a great way for kids to practice their English grammar skills, making up stories and rhymes to a beat.

Get out of those books, get your creative juices flowing and add a little fun to your days. It’ll pay off in the long run, I promise.


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