How to Beat the Math Monster

How to Beat the Math Monster

Do you have a math monster at your house? You know the one that steals the joy from your home every time math is mentioned. Are you feeling overwhelmed trying to pick a math curriculum? Switching to something different every year?

I often get asked what math curriculum we are using and why. There are so many choices any more.

When I was a kid I only remember there being 2 choices and we all used one or the other.


Now with so many great choices out there, I feel like I can really tailor the math to my individual child’s learning style, which certainly is nice. Since so far, I have one child who struggles with math and wants hands-on help and another one who is quite adept and gets bored easily if it’s too slow, keeping up with both of them is challenging.

My oldest is not a big fan of math, and we have been through a bit of trial and error with her trying to find something that fit. This year, she used Math-U-See, mostly independently and did very well. She loved being able to watch the video on her own and go over it several times if she needed until she really understood the principles taught.


This was quite different from our difficulties the previous year when it felt like pulling teeth to get her to complete even a portion of a page of her book. I highly recommend trying different programs if one isn’t working with your child.


Something else that we found – or I should say it found us – is a fun program we’ve been using as a supplement called Smartick. It has been a game changer for us. All 3 of my big kids use it and love it. Especially the entertaining games!  They breeze through the math as quickly as they can in order to play the super fun games.



Smartick is a European based math program that uses artificial intelligence to adapt to your child’s learning style. It’s quite impressive how it makes adjustments and shifts gradually to more difficult problems as the child works through the lesson.


The program is designed so that the child only needs to complete one 15-minute session each day and then goes on to the game portion. They can also create their own virtual world by earning points and buying items in the little store.


It works great for pre-readers too! Which is an advantage over a few other programs we’ve tried. It easily reads the problem to the child and uses pictures to help them differentiate items.  Even my 4-year-old enjoys the program and begs to be allowed to “play math”.


One other reason I’m truly grateful for this program is that it discovered a few holes in my children’s math. Areas I was not aware of, but I didn’t have to worry, because they quickly and easily taught themselves through the Smartick program and both the kids and I were saved some slight embarrassment.


To sum it up, there is no “right” math curriculum. Only the one that fits your child and your learning styles. Don’t be discouraged by math, try different programs until you find one that fits. Say goodbye to the math monster.


I plan to use Smartick as a fun summer supplement to keep my kids engaged during the summer and avoid the usual fall slump back into lots of math review. You might enjoy trying it too!


This is an affiliate post and I’d like to extend to you a 25% discount code from the Smartick Company, so you can try it out too!  Enjoy!


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